Public Health WORKS™ is a partnership aimed at increasing awareness of public health programs and developing a more common approach to dealing with public health issues. Drawing support from Alberta Health Services (including the former regional health authorities, AADAC and the Alberta Cancer Board), as well as Alberta Health and Wellness, and Health Canada (First Nations and Inuit Health Branch), this initiative not only raises the profile and impact of public health, but also allows enhancement of the capacity of public health programs and services in the province to better serve Albertans.

Addressing the on-going educational needs of Public Health staff is a key element of the partnership. Using Telehealth, the network hosts the Public Health WORKS™ Speaker Series monthly from September to June. The series highlights three major areas: Population Health, Environmental Health and Communicable Disease.

The mandate of Public Health is to protect the health of the general population and keeping up-to-date ensures staff have the necessary knowledge and expertise to respond to current and emerging public health issues.

 Dr. G. Predy, Medical Officer of Health - Alberta Health Services


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